• About Sigmaforce footwear

    Sigamforce-professional manufacturer for ESD protection itmes

    Footwear,especially shoes,has became an important electrostatic control device in all areas,but particularly in electronics manufacturing.Control of unwanted electrostatic charge is of particular importance where personnel work around electrostatic-sensitive devices,materials or items.In many cases, wrist strap or other tethering devices cannot be safely and conveniently applied to ESD control.apparently,a convenient method to provide a grounding connection for personnel is through their footwear while standing or walking on a proper and specified floor surface.


    Sigmaforce ESD control shoes strictly comply with related industry standard such as European Standard IEC61340 and American Standard ANSI/ESD S20.20 in the process of designing,manufacturing and testing for ensuring repliable and stable property. With regard to Cleanroom shoes,are mainly used in conjuction with cleanroom garments as a very reliable ESD and contamination control system.


    Furthermore,Sigmafore shoes not only focus on excellent ESD control&contamination property but also wearers'comfort.this principle has been through the whole of procedure during designing and manufacturing

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