• About ESD

    Sources Of ESD

    Any contatct and physical separation of materials or flow of solids,liquids,or particle-laden gases can generate electrostatic charges.common sources of ESD include charged:personnel,conductors,common polymeric material,and processing equipment.ESD damage can occur when:

    • a charged person or object comes into contact with an ESD sensitive device(ESDS);
    • an ESDS comes into direct contact with a highly conductive surface while exposed to an electrostatic field;
    • a charged ESDS comes intocontact with another conductive surface which is at a different electrical potential.This surface may or may not be grounded.


    ESD control program should be through the whole of activities like manufacture, process, assemble, install, package, label,service,test, inspection,transportation

    ESD Standard

    Speaking of ESD statndard, IEC61340 and ANSI/S20.20 formulated systematic requirements for ESD control.